2019 Team

Our 2019 Team:

Sofie Picavet
Team Captain – Belgium
Ilse Picavet
Runner – Belgium
Jonas Heyvaert
Runner – Belgium
This girl is on fire! Not only is she our team captain for third time but also she lights our way from Paris to Rotterdam. A firework! Sports is her passion! Bike, run, jump and laugh! A real team player, she will not leave any man behind. Man on fire!  This year his beloved one will join the team… for them we will play flames of love.
Steven Beirnaert
Runner – Belgium
Jo Cardon
Runner – Belgium
Sven Baeyens
Runner – Belgium
That’s a sparkle! Dedicated to sport and to support others! Roparun is just a small warming up for what he is going to achieve this year. He can walk and run through the fire! Grenade! You just can’t catch him 😉

We are very glad to have Sven still in the team!

Runner – The Netherlands
Kristof Govaert
Runner – Belgium
Burn my sweet effigy, I’m a road runner 🙂 Hotter than hell and whatever he does, he smiles a lot!
 Cyclist  Cyclist
Luc Van Den Berghe
Cyclist – Belgium
Marc Boesmans
Cyclist – Belgium
Tim Picavet
Cyclist – Belgium
Once a fireman, now setting fire on the road! Like a phoenix from the ashes he is coming back for this edition! Passion and fire runs deep through his veins there’s no doubt about that.
Driver – Navigator   Driver – Navigator
Karine Van Hecke
Cyclist – Belgium
Marta Gaworek – Poland Karen Vlaemynck –
Mother of 3 Picavet dragons! This time with a new role to play! Good luck Karine! Driving a highway to hell or driving a Roparun way to Rotterdam? We will find out soon. This girl has a fire in her hart! We are really happy that she joins our adventure!
Driver – Navigator
 Driver – Navigator   Driver 
Gaëtan Van Akeleyen, Ellie Vos
– Belgium
This two matches match! Take it easy and light the road for us!
Jeroen Van Lier
Physiotherapist – Belgium
Steven Hobert
Physiotherapist – Belgium
Sky above me, earth below me, fire within me! He will be with us, fix us and support us! Welcome to our team! He will light a candle, light the dark. With his strong shoulder we are safe!
Catering team
Support team
Christel Rohart,
Johan Vanderyse,  Rosanne Van Den Berghe – Belgium
Marc Baert – Belgium, Michael Brekelmans- The Netherlands

I see fire…in the kitchen!

Our food will be roasted, grilled and fried this year! Somebody said hot dog? Tastes like heaven, burns like hell 🙂

Where there is Marc and Michael there is… a fire! And if somebody will turn out the light, they will light it back!