2016 Team

webthierry webSofie webdavid
Thierry Steenput
Runner – Belgium
Sofie Picavet
Runner – Belgium
David Musgrave
Runner – USA
Thierry is a firefighter with a big heart (also for running). In Magnetrol he is taking care of the incoming goods. Touched by the cause of Roparun and as true team player we are very happy to have him on board! Sofie was born with running shoes and collected already a nice set of medals in her athletic career. In Magnetrol Sofie is one of the order loggers/processors but in the team she is a candidate runner and our runners coach! Our Magnetrol Global Director of Procurement and Production is heavy weight, not literally of course ;-). Not afraid of a (trail) marathon he is one of the instigators to participate the Roparun. His jetlag will make him run very smoothly during the night passing through crazy Zele!
webMarkV webJonas webPieter S
Mark Van Nuffel
Runner – Belgium
Jonas Heyvaert
Runner – Belgium
Pieter Saeys
Runner – Belgium
Mark, formally known as the dog-whisperer is now into running. Like always, when he is in for a challenge, he goes all the way! The pitbull of the team, but without sharp teeth… Magnetrol’s “skyscraper” is a quiet one but build to resist hurricanes. So potential heavy conditions during the race will not give any problem for the team if we all stay behind him. Jonas, mind your head and say hello to Elvis up there! Running a marathon isn’t painful enough for Pieter, so let’s do a Roparun then! Running experience is no problem but hopefully he stay’s far away from the Red Cross volunteer … Pieter, you already have her phone number!
webSven webRichard
Sven Baeyens
Runner – Belgium
Richard Jeynes
Runner – UK
Our DTP man failed in the auditions for the “bald and the beautiful” . Nevertheless, he is a real pro when it comes down to starting! He manages it time after time to be on the picture taken from the start of a race! Keep up the good work Sven, glad to have you on the team! Ain’t no mountain high enough… Richards favorite music! Hopefully our Country Manager from the UK doesn’t start singing. Richard you will need to eat a lot of bacon & eggs but together with your personal trainer you will make it!
weblily webStevenVD
Lily Baes
Runner – Belgium
Steven Van Damme
Runner – Belgium
Magnetrol’s millipede labeled as “planner” is a special one; eating books, breathing music and a passion for biking but with a terrible sense of direction … fortunately she applied as a runner. We will take care of Lily and make sure she gets in Rotterdam! The younger brother of Jean-Claude Van Damme is the Business Analyst of Magnetrol. The “muscles from Zele” can’t stand it that someone is running faster than him… for sure the Roparun will be a challenge for Steven!
Team Captain
 Cyclist  Cyclist
webstevend webEvy webrita
Steven Decrock
Team Captain – Belgium
Evy De Kimpe
Cyclist- Belgium
Rita De Wandel
Cyclist- Belgium
Because he is better in talking than in running we made him the team captain! As an IC/PC manager his background of purchasing and logistics will support him in bringing the team to the top! Evy works in our Customer Satisfaction department. Also on the road she will guide, support, motivate our runners and take care of their safety!  Rita is our Customer Satisfaction supervisor. She is used to walk the ‘Dodentocht’ – (100 kms), so we can say she is not afraid of a ‘small’ challenge!
 Physiotherapist Driver – Navigator
webKarine peter de wolf Webchris, tom, JOjpg
Karine Van Hecke
Physiotherapist – Belgium
Peter De Wolf
Physiotherapist – Belgium
Jo Cardon, Chris Verhofstadt, Allei Al Hariki, Tom De Borger – Belgium
Karine, not working at Magnetrol but already part of the family. Together with her daughter Sofie (candidate runner too) she is taking care of the runners. As a professional physiotherapist working in a runners lab she is definitely the right one for our team! Peter is not working for Magnetrol – but has a beauty and massage salon together with his wife. From relaxation to Shiatsu – name it and Peter will provide it.These days he is getting trained in massages with / for cancer patients – so no better event than Roparun to participate in! The front row of the vans is for these 4 fine gentlemen, in daily life engineers out of our Belgium facility – but in Roparun life they will drive our runners from Paris to Rotterdam.
 Catering / Massage  Mental Coach
webJohanChristel webveronique Michael
Christel Rohart,
Johan Vanderyse – Belgium
Veronique Wiels
Massage / Catering – Belgium
 Michael Brekelmans
The Netherlands
Johan, our HR Manager will be our cook on the road. Together with Christel, (who has a proven track record as chef!) they will serve you the best there is! Veronique is one of our quotation loggers. Her golden hands will serve us food and massage our stress away! Michael, our motivated and enthusiastic Country Manager for Russia will be the ideal person to get the team going during difficult times. Always in for a laugh and a joke…vashe zdoróvje
Steering Committee
webMarcB webChristel webkatrien
Marc Baert
Steering Committee – Belgium
Christel Rohart
Steering Committee – Belgium
Katrien Geerinckx
Steering Committee – Belgium
If James Bond would live in Zele, his real name would be Marc Baert – our GM in Belgium. Nothing to do with a secret agent, but all with the fact that Marc has more toys and gadgets than anyone else. Luckily we can count on this boy to use his toys in the Roparun race. Christel is Magnetrol’s  senior Accountant & Team-m’s treasurer. No doubt Christel is good with figures, but do you know she is also a master in cooking? It will be a big challenge to provide our global Team-m the right meal if you know we are short on “bathrooms”! Katrien, our ever smiling Marketing Supervisor is using her experience to promote the team and the events. We wonder if her career as couturier will promote her as trendsetter in sports clothing too? Start designing and go go go Katrien!