2017 Team

Our 2017 Team:

Sofie Picavet
Team Captain – Belgium
Jonas Heyvaert
Runner – Belgium
Sven Baeyens
Runner – Belgium
Sofie was born with running shoes and collected already a nice set of medals in her athletic career. In Magnetrol Sofie is one of the order loggers/processors but in the team she is our team captain and our runners coach! Magnetrol’s “skyscraper” is a quiet one but build to resist hurricanes. So potential heavy conditions during the race will not give any problem for the team if we all stay behind him. Jonas, mind your head and say hello to Elvis up there! Our DTP man is training for his 2nd Roparun. As Sven is born and raised in Zele; Roparun means a lot to him.

We are very glad to have Sven in the team!

Pieter Saeys
Runner – Belgium
Marta Gaworek
Runner – Belgium
Jo Cardon
Runner – Belgium
Also up for a second edition is our Project Engineer Pieter. Running a marathon isn’t painful enough for him, so let’s do the Roparun again! Marta just joined Magnetrol as a documentation specialist. It is great to have this enthousiastic lady on board! Last edition Jo – our application engineer – was one of our drivers. This year he is training to run. Good luck Jo!
Jeroen De Geyseleer
Runner – Belgium
Kris Cornelis
Runner – Belgium
At Magnetrol Jeroen is one of our application engineers. We wonder whether he will take his guitar, play some songs and cheer up his teammates during the long Roparun nights? Kris does not work for Magnetrol but he feels like one of us – after his participation to Roparun with Team 147 last year… We are happy we can count on him again this year.  


Cyclist Cyclist
Steven Decrock
Cyclist – Belgium
Marc Boesmans
Cyclist – Belgium
Leon Lenssen
Cyclist – The Netherlands
 As an IC/PC manager his background of purchasing and logistics will support him in bringing the team to the top – or at least to Rotterdam. Our Fresh QA manager is also very sporty! It’s good to have him on board, we count on him for to keep an eye on the ‘on the road quality’ Leon is one of our Outside Sales engineers for The Netherlands. As he is used being a coach it will be easy for him to motivate our runners.
Driver – Navigator  Driver – Navigator
Cees Stadhouders
Cyclist – The Netherlands
Chris Verhofstadt, Bram De Craecker, Jonas Heyvaert  – Belgium  Katrien Van Acker, Hannelore Temmerman – Belgium
Cees, also one of our Outside Sales engineers for The Netherlands, is training hard for Roparun 2017…

Hup Holland Hup!

The front row of the vans is for these 3 fine gentlemen, in daily life engineers out of our Belgium facility – but in Roparun life they will drive our runners from Paris to Rotterdam.  These 2 nice ladies are willing to join this Team Magnetrol adventure! We are glad to have them on board.
 Physiotherapist  Physiotherapist
webKarine peter de wolf
Bjorn Pletinck
Driver – Belgium
Karine Van Hecke
Physiotherapist – Belgium
 Peter De Wolf
Physiotherapist – Belgium
Thanks to Bjorn, one of our assemblers, our Teams can sleep safely while he will bring them to their next startingpoint. Karine, not working at Magnetrol but already part of the family. Together with her daughter Sofie (candidate runner too) she is taking care of the runners. As a professional physiotherapist working in a runners lab she is definitely the right one for our team!  Peter is not working for Magnetrol – but has a beauty and massage salon together with his wife. From relaxation to Shiatsu – name it and Peter will provide it.These days he is getting trained in massages with / for cancer patients – so no better event than Roparun to participate in!
 Catering  Mental Coaches
Christel Rohart,
Johan Vanderyse – Belgium
Rosanne Van Den Berghe
Michael Brekelmans
The Netherlands
Johan, our HR Manager will be our cook on the road. Together with Christel, (who has a proven track record as chef!) they will serve you the best there is!  Rosanne, from our Shipping Department is quite ‘famous’ at Magnetrol. She already works 44 years for the company, nobody has ever worked longer for Magnetrol Belgium than she does! Michael, our motivated and enthusiastic Country Manager for Russia will be the ideal person to get the team going during difficult times. Always in for a laugh and a joke…vashe zdoróvje
Steering Committee
webMarcB webChristel webkatrien
Marc Baert
Steering Committee – Belgium
Christel Rohart
Steering Committee – Belgium
Katrien Geerinckx
Steering Committee – Belgium
If James Bond would live in Zele, his real name would be Marc Baert – our GM in Belgium. Nothing to do with a secret agent, but all with the fact that Marc has more toys and gadgets than anyone else. Luckily we can count on this boy to use his toys in the Roparun race. Christel is Magnetrol’s  senior Accountant & Team-m’s treasurer. No doubt Christel is good with figures, but do you know she is also a master in cooking? It will be a big challenge to provide our global Team-m the right meal if you know we are short on “bathrooms”! Katrien, our ever smiling Marketing Supervisor is using her experience to promote the team and the events. We wonder if her career as couturier will promote her as trendsetter in sports clothing too? Start designing and go go go Katrien!

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